Rules and Regulation

Rules and Regulations

1Qurbani is not included
Qurbani is not included in the Package. The residence will be of 6 to 8 bed rooms in Makkah and Madina.
2This is shifting Package
The Qayam in Azizya will be of 6 to 1o days. Azizya residence can be any residence place of Makkah Mukarramah.
3The Building will be 9 Kilometer away from Haram
The Building will be 9 Kilometer away from Haram. It will include the rooms consist of 6 to 8 Beds.
4There will be combined residation
The residence will be combined but separate residence will be for men and women.
5There will be additional charges for separate room
The facilities other than the package will have extra charges. For Double bed 40,000 for triple bed 20,000 and 15,000 will be collected.
66 days are not included in Azizya Residence
There are 6 days from 8 Zil Hajj to 13 Zil Hajj which is not included in Azizya Residence.
7No Transport before 3 days and after 2 days
There will be no any transport before 3 days of Hajj and after 2 days of Hajj due to heavy crowd.
8The Transport will be provided for shifting
After the Hajj the transport will be provided only for Shifting.
9Any Airline can be used
For the departure of Hajj PIA/ Shaheen/ Air Blue/ Nas/ Saudia or any other Air Line.
After performing the Hajj the Hajis can go to Zyarat of Tawaf for their own arrangement.
11The Training will be provided
The training program will be started before going to Hajj in which the participation of individuals who are going for hajj is necessary.
12Rules and Regulations should be strictly folled
All the individuals are required to follow the schedule according to Geneva Travels.